Welcome to Central Florida ISSA

Central Florida Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) provides one complete security solution for businesses across Florida. We provide advice for small businesses as well as large corporations, detailing everything from CCTV camera installation to training personal security guards.

Established in 1982 by a retired law enforcement officer, James Crompton, who started the association with former work colleagues and other local security guards. James soon engaged the community to employ a common sense approach to security issues that were not only reliable, but affordable too. Today Central Florida ISSA promotes security education and skills development.

Central Florida ISSA conducts regular training sessions, to teach new employees and to update seasoned security department officers with the most up-to-date security measures and protocols that are en par with the elite government officials.

We have offices throughout the state, our main training center is based in Orlando. Our association will keep you and your staff at the forefront of any security issue, Central Florida ISSA is the best in Florida.

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