The security on your business

The security on your business can vary from location to location. Not every type of business requires a full complement of security in order for it to be safe from vandalism or theft.

What we find is most effective is having a security dog. You would be surprised how well this method works. People are just afraid of dogs in general and find that it isn’t worth the hassle. Afraid they could just hurt or maim the dog? That is something you only see in movies. What you have that they want is not worth killing a dog over.

Unless it is something worth killing for.

In this case you will want a better security system for your business. Motion sensors, door zones and glass sound sensors are very effective in insuring your business is safe.

One recent client we had had a break in that stole their metal flashing and copper fittings. This was a roofing company that had high end materials for certain clientele. Needless to say they needed to protect themselves.

We got started right away installing a system that would not only keep their inventory safe but make it easier to capture the would be thieves.

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