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Dog Sitting Company Launches Website

Just South of the Central Florida area is Pinellas County. Inside Pinellas County has over 1 million people living there. One the coolest cities in there is Dunedin. It is a Scottish name and rightfully so since it was settled and still has elements of Scottish roots there today.

There is a company there owned by a lady named Lori who 4 years ago decided to open a dog sitting company right in her own home. She had always struggled leaving her dog with a kennel when she took vacations and realized many others felt the same way. As a result she has a pretty successful thing going.

Her clients range from little Chihuahuas to big Mastiffs. She considers these dogs people and they need to be able to use the house like any person would. When you enter you will find dogs hanging on the couch with the TV on and lounging int he bedroom taking a nap. She doesn’t allow any funny business though so no horn dogs allowed.

She has over the years watched many other kind of animals as well. Rabbits, snakes, ferrets, cats and even rats. If you need a pet sitter she can more often than not assist you.

It is a cool story of how Americans can think up a business and do it right from their own home. She also has a dog walking service for those who have to work all day and need someone to let their dogs out for pee break and exercise.

She says she has no plans of changing her business and plans to do it for a long time. She envisions maybe hiring a part time person somewhere down the road to help assist with the dog walking.

Her son just turned 16 and pretty soon will leave the nest. She is aware that this company will keep her too busy to worry about that.

Come over and check out the website she just had created. She is looking to increase her business by expanding her online presence.

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